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Reblogged: Truth About Keenan

Keenan Vanginkel, the eyes of a demon.
Keenan Vanginkel aka Killer K started stalking Morgan Ingram in the early summer months of 2011. There were times where Keenan would follow Morgan home and even instances where Morgan risked her own life and proceeded to get out of the car just to see who it was.
Keenan Vanginkel
It was then that she took the proper steps and went to the police to fill out a police report.
She put her life in the police hands, sending them numerous emails telling them about Keenan. She identified her stalker as Keenan. She put her life in the police hands. Friends of Morgan's offered to help her but, Morgan tried her best not to worry about it. She said that her mother and father knew and that she filled out a police report, so if anything bad happens they would know who it was. So much for depending on the police.
This is also not the first time they have failed. The Sheriff alone has been in trouble a total of 7 times in the past few years and that isn't all we have uncovered.
Brooke Harris and Keenan Vanginkel
Keenan's criminal history from age 18 to present and we still have more to add of the present (this doesn't include his many offenses as a minor) All public record of course..
Now it gets better, Keenan Vanginkel was working at Kroger. Not 1 but, 2 employees/coworkers said that Keenan was seen walking out of the store. Why would he walk out? Was he really assistant manager? I thought managers never clocked out, he could come and go as he pleased. Trent Cook supplied an alibi but, it was all staged of course. Keenan knew the Ingrams had plans to move so he had to act quickly.
We recently uncovered that at a party a few weeks prior, three witnesses told us that Keenan was seen putting a knife to Morgan Ingram. Hannah Hurlocker looked on, as she laughed about it. Did he have plans to act that night? What was his motive for doing that? Two of Morgan's friends intervened, breaking up the conflict. Why would Keenan do that?
It gets better. Morgan would be going to dance class and every single night, Keenan would be waiting across the street. When Morgan looked, she noticed his car but, when she would leave she would notice him leaving the same time but, he would casually turn the other direction to make it look like he wasn't obvious.
We are going to be unleashing details one at a time but, will not lay everything out there just yet. We are waiting for the case to be reopened so a proper investigation can take place (which it will)
For the truth:
"Keenan doesn't fish in Oregon, he has family near Lake Michigan. He's a good boy and is being falsely accused of a crime he was cleared up" - Louise Bundy oops, I mean Jennifer Johnson
Thanks to one of Keenan's former friends who didn't hesitate to give us this information and said to us "I definitely believe Keenan murdered Morgan Ingram" saying "I will never ever associate with him again"
Brian Mann created a song just for Keenan...
Killer K, Killer K, he's coming your way
Lock your doors, get on the floor, before he takes your life away, ya
Killer K, Killer K, he's coming your way
Lock your doors, get on the floor, before he takes your life away
Keenan's mother Jennifer Louise Johnson (Jennifer DuPont) has been sticking up for Keenan for years. She loves to also belittle anyone who sides with Toni Ingram or wants the case reopened. This stems from years of failing relationships because she can't understand why all of her husbands left her for better looking women. She tried to act "hard" at a barbecue in the Summer of 2012 saying she would hunt anyone down that says Keenan is guilty. What did you do when Keenan was abused as a child? Why did not you not believe him? Jennifer has threatened Toni several times, including making innuendos on FB about beating Toni up.
Proof of Jennifer Johnson's harassment and hatred for Toni Ingram
Just admit you failed as a mother iand nstead of trying to cover for your son, you create more strife. Why would you allow him to get away with murder? Nicole is a fine daughter who has a child and I don't see her ever supporting this. Louise Bundy anyone? Notice how Heather Sparkman responded?
This chick is a pig and this photograph says it all. Heather Sparkman-Cook (who goes by Heather Sparkman) creates many fake accounts to slander Toni Ingram and those that want the case reopened in various forums. Mydeathspace, Websleuths, BabyCenter, Dancestep, I Use Government Money, I'll Take Your Paycheck For Free, Stay-at-Home Mamas, Welfare Frauds R Us, etc. The hate she has for Toni is disgusting. The hate she has towards those that want the case reopened is worse. She's attacked several people including those that are of Iranian decent and made comments that they are terrorists. She is clearly out of her mind. We think she's just angry because the Welfare check and food stamps didn't come in the mail. Maybe the government is onto her. Rumor has it, she's slept with Killer K multiple times and logs in and out of the Marcie Wogan account.
Did Heather Sparkman hit Toni Ingram's Land Rover in November of 2012? Sources say that a red vehicle hit the Ingrams Land Rover and during that weekend, Heather Sparkman was visiting. What do you think?
That leads us to question - was Brooke Harris jealous of Morgan Ingram? We think so!
Brooke Nicole Harris from Carbondale, Colorado.

She looks like Adele but, with no talent. In fact, we think our crap has more motivation. She is a high school drop out and has been in and out of rehab a good part of her life. She doesn't even have a GED. Brooke has made comments to people that she hated Morgan and was even overheard at parties saying "That $%^#@ is gonna get it someday". She's also posting in various forums telling people that "Brooke Harris fears for her life" and bragging about a TRO that she and her creeperous cunninglous daddio Jim have on the Ingrams because they are scared of Toni getting the truth out there. We have to ask...whatever happened to Freedom of Speech? They are scared for their life yet they have many people threatening Toni and Steve Ingram on a daily basis, as well as, those that support the Ingrams. Double standard. We think so. One thing is certain...we will make sure that they are denied, if it means protesting in Glenwood Springs in front of the court house next month.
UPDATE: The TRO against the Ingrams has been dropped which means the Ingrams and everyone else who believes Morgan Ingram was murdered can blog about her. Victory! +1
A girl named Jessica who went to rehab with Brooke  told us...
"Brooke is a liar. She would always ask wheres the proof when she would be busted in lies. She's been caught in several obvious ones. She's a master manipulator and a good liar."
Is it just me or does Brooke have meth teeth? Either that or she needs to brush her teeth.
Brooke Harris
A source who knows Harris told us she went to rehab with her and said Brooke lied a lot and would always quote "Where's the proof" when asked a question. Almost like that is her sudden denial. Kind of like what she did on Dr. Phil. If Brooke is a moral girl who is telling then truth, then we are the messiah and God of all human kind.
Keenan Vanginkel and Nicole Gruenefeldt. Why did Keenan
cut his hair and shave his side burns off? is fat Hannah Hurlocker who was so jealous of Morgan she made comments at parties after Morgan's death saying "Who would stalk her?" Pig! Killer K stalked her, that's who.
When Keenan had intentions of acting the night he threatened Morgan before two friends intervened, Hannah was seen by several witnesses laughing about it. What was her reason for hating Morgan Ingram? We think jealousy!
Hannah Hurlocker
There is a picture going around the internet with Brooke and Morgan in it and trust me, those that knew Morgan knew that she and Brooke were never friends. The guy in the picture Nate can tell you that Morgan did not like Brooke. Morgan would never socialize with her and ignored her advances many many times because she knew that Brooke was bad news. 
Just days before the murder, why would you post something like this?

Here is what Brooke was sending to anyone who said they wanted the case reopened, while the TRO was in effect. The person they chose to send this to, Erfan Naderi has been attacked. They have called his school and even called the homeland security. It's a good thing no one at Harvard believes these unemployed pigs and their agenda.
Jonathan Shamis from Alpine Legal Services.
Shortly after, their attorney Jonathan Shamis recused himself (or resigned). Even he was tired of their antics and the way they bully and attack those that want the case reopened. Shamis of course is a horrible attorney but, that is the type of attorney you get when you pay $5.
Brooke tried to say they were friends on Dr. Phil which is so funny. Although we are unsure if she is involved (some people believe she's involved but, we are kind of on fence) we have to question why she too would cover for Keenan. We keep hearing she would do anything to prevent Keenan from leaving her. The baby she just had is alleged to be Keenan's too but, then again with so many sexual partners how can one keep count?
Randy Kempton
Keenan is a good manipulator and always calls for backup from other manipulators in his time of need. Randy Kempton is a huge criminal and has a really bad record. This piece of shiznit is the alibi that Killer K used. He has as much credibility as Osama Binladen. His public criminal record is also available for the world to see. 18+
One of Keenan's alleged victims was a girl named Jessica "Rosa" who lived in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. After searching the internet for months, several psychics identified her resemble this girl...

She left her house upset after arguing with her mother. Keenan ended up pulling up beside her and well, the rest we are not going to even explain because it just gets graphic from there. Her parents think she ran away but, she was really a victim. Very sad and we are hoping that if her parents do come across this blog, they will at least know what happened. Like Morgan Ingram, she was into arts and crafts.
We discovered there was a Jessica Rosa from Glenwood Springs who was pulled over last year but, we are told by several people that it is not the same girl. Coincidence or did someone steal her ID?
This leads us to Mayra Martinez. ( Mayra Martinez likes to impersonate people on the internet. She has been doing this for years. At 52 years of age, Mayra Martinez is not only a mother of 5 but, a grandmother of 4. There is also speculation that her daughter got pregnant at just 11 years old. We do have to admit, we feel bad that she failed as a mother but, we cannot have any sympathy for a woman that creates fake accounts to bully and harass others especially a grieving mother who wants justice for the murder of daughter. You have to admit, the investigation was done so poorly. We think Mayra knows this but, keeps it to herself. We can't help but, chant "big pig, big pig, big pig" multiple times because it just reminds of us Mayra. Her hatred towards Iranian people is by far one of the sickest cases of racism we have seen.
We understand that oldy moldy stalkerette Mayra's life revolves around using the internet to bully and harass other people but, her Raven Recovery business is failing because no one is interested in using it and the more she wastes her time trying to connect dots that do not exist in the Morgan Ingram case while impersonating law enforcement, the more strife she is creating for herself and her long list of failures. You would think a woman in her 50s would stop but, I guess she's determined to help cover up murder. Truth about Mayra Martinez lies --->

Mayra Martinez aka MayraM

Here is Mayra's daughter Aisha. Who isn't a minor (looks at least 40) but, was allegedly only a child when she got pregnant. I wonder if she considers her a failure since she is manifested with trying to create strife for a grieving mother (Toni Ingram) or do you think she's jealous because Aisha didn't turn out as good as Morgan? Bad genetics is only half of it. If Mayra's daughter were Morgan, would Mayra still do what she is doing? Of course. Mayra even posted pictures of her own daughter drunk on her Facebook. Don't worry MayraM, we took the screenshots already.

MayraM (owner of Raven Recovery) has no education and calls Iranians "Third World" as she tries to promote "anti bullying" yet she does it herself. Beware of her on the internet. She attacks people she is intimidated by. We are not racist but, we do find her words quite ignorant and contradicting.
Funny how Mayra aka MayraM aka MayraMM denies being involved in Websleuths. I think the screenshots speak for themselves.
After hearing about MayraM denying being a Websleuth member and then making comments that they are the truth, we knew that pig was lying. What we didn't realize is she has been a part of the Toni/Steve Ingram smear for quite a while and is now attacking anyone who has made their opinion evident that they believe Morgan Ingram was stalked and murdered. I wonder what she has to say about those that believe Morgan Ingram was raped before he killed her.
Poor sad Mayra wasting her time defending and covering up a murderer and slandering anyone who questions the poor investigation and the credibility of the suspect/stalker. Morgan Ingram was stalked folks and she was murdered and these people are friends/family of the stalker, Keenan James Vanginkel aka Killer K.
Mayra also told family and friends of the Ingrams that she was able to get access to Morgan Ingram's ER records. When asked how she said "I have my ways". Then went onto to offer money for any information about the Ingrams.
Mayra Martinez, CEO of Raven Recovery Crime Scene Cleanup
in Eugene, Oregon.
Mayra also called Toni Ingram several times on the telephone because Toni doesn't read her hate blogs and needed to find away to get heard. Toni took the proper measures and called the authorites. Mayra has also harassed other supporters. On her many sock accounts she attacks appearances, race, and even went onto to call some of the accounts "kunta kintes". Mayra does this on fake accounts and denies it on her account because she's like Kate Gosselin (except nappier and more of a loser) when Gosselin made fun of Korean people.
Mayra's even attempted to get others involved who posed as anonymous in an effort to discredit several victim's advocates who support the Ingrams. She's begged various hackers to help her "take us down" but it didn't work because Anonymous have bigger fish to fry than 30 people who support two grieving parents. Here is proof...
and here is more proof of how the so called hacker (who Mayra tried to get to hack us, but didn't work because they are not a hacker nor part of Anonymous) displays themself. I don't think anyone from Anonymous would support this person who calls herself Priest/prle57 @prle57/@i9riest/@9riest aka @whittny_C aka Alice who is rumored to be David Adler and his wife Tina. They (David and Tina) can't delete their post because we already took screenshots. X-Marks the spot!

@rchpriest aka @i9riest (who is rumored to a couple named David Adler and Tina Adler from North Carolina) is attacking a 64 year old woman because she is opinionated while praising MayraM @truth4morgan and her delusions that Killer K Vanginkel is innocent is like arm wrestling a baby infant and saying you won. 64 year old Lora Lusher is allowed to express her opinion and exercise her 1st amendment rights. BOOM! More information can be found on about this person. #OpAdler
None of the victim's rights advocates for the Morgan Ingram foundation ever begged Anonymous to hack anyone. This is just another lie Mayra Martinez created to support her story that Keenan Vanginkel is innocent.

Anywayz, more Proof of over-the-hill Mayra Marie Martinez's online bullying and lies. Part of her smear campaign towards a young woman named Sarah Afshar @SarahAfshar who interviewed Toni Ingram back in December of 2012. Very obvious that Martinez is jealous of Afshar which is why she's resorted to lies and even using mentally challenged people to further her agenda. What we find most disgusting is how she is going around the internet spreading horrible lies about Sarah Afshar, her family, and even has resorted to making such horrible false accusations that a man who shares a similar name to Sarah's dad is actually Sarah's dad and goes on to insinuate that Sarah was molested. This doesn't change the fact that Keenan murdered Morgan Ingram.
Thank you to victim's rights advocate, Hooman Shabazi for providing these screenshots. Hooman went undercover for the Morgan Ingram foundation to get us valuable information about Mayra Martinez's scheme. About a month prior to contacting MayraMM, Hooman contacted the Ingrams offering help when he saw what these nasty, vicious women were saying about poor Toni and Steve, who lost their daughter to murder.
Hooman writes...
"I am in shock that these women would attack a mother (Toni) who cannot properly grieve because her daughter was murdered by her stalker. At first I didn't think she was murdered but, then I noticed a pattern by the same women who are quick to defending a man who has a huge criminal and drug history. If this guy, the stalker (Keenan) were innocent, why won't he sue the Ingrams? That is of course it is true. At first I thought Mayra Martinez was legit but, then she told me to look at her hate blogs constantly and I refused to be a part of this kind of smear campaign and hate crime towards people who are trying to bring a young woman's killer to justice. She can spread whatever lies she wants but, right now she looks obsessed with the Ingrams and proving a criminal with a huge record is innocent of a crime that more than likely he did commit."
Another person, Lindsay Girard, who befriended MayraM weighs in...
"Mayra Martinez is a scammer. She is friends with Keenan's mother Jennifer Louise Johnson. I've seen Jenn respond and like her posts on Facebook and two days after Morgan Ingram was found dead (The 2nd of Dec. 2011), MayraM started a private forum about dubstep dancing, of which I was able to get access too. There are thousands of posts slandering the Ingrams (Toni and Steve) along with Sarah Afshar, the woman who interviewed Toni. Brooke Harris posts there, along with Heather Sparkman and Jennifer herself. I have to admit, I was shocked. Then I continued reading and Mayra would continuously share links to Websleuths. I believe that 90% of the people who post there are Mayra Martinez herself. You can tell by the use of language and the context. I definitely believe Keenan Vanginkel is guilty."
Holly Gomez also added her opinion...
"Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon is ridiculously unhinged. At first I supported her because she brought up a point...How can someone accuse someone of murder with barely no proof. That was in the beginning. Then I started to know recognize her obsession with Toni Ingram, Sarah Afshar, Jodin Davunt, and then I saw evidence that she was befriending Keenan's mother. There are so many inconsistencies in her stories and the fact she took out the parts of the report and slapped it on that crappy truthformorgan blog proves she would probably defend Ted Bundy if he were alive today. She also cheated to win a grant for her crappy business. I made sure the Better Business Bureau knows, along with the FTC. Comcast already knows. She's a proven liar and I will never support her again. I hope the truth comes out about what Keenan did to Morgan so the Ingrams can finally have closure."
Psychic Marcus Curtis weighs in...
"I have psychic ability and I can honestly say that he (Keenan) totally did it. After sleeping in 3 months ago, I predicted Paul Walker died in a car crash after doing a doughnut in a parking lot, I was able to communicate with Morgan shortly after and I was shown everything. I saw how Keenan got inside the house and what he did to her. I won't go into details because they are horrible but YES, it was murder and yes he totally did it."
Another psychic Angela Spicer also had this to say...
"I knew nothing about the case when I was first asked to channel and communicate with Morgan. Instantly Morgan came to me and let me know she was murdered and it was Keenan who did it. It is horrible and tragic. I saw everything."
Other psychics who have helped with this case and confirmed murder also include Jennifer M. Shaffer, John Edwards, Lisa Williams, Tasha Starr, Theresa Caputo, and Chip Coffey. More contact the wonderful Ingrams daily to let them know they know what happened, as well. These psychics are not frauds and have a history of communicating with the after life.
"I will do everything I can to protect an innocent man. If it means making the Ingrams and their paid trolls look like crap. I have my ways. Watch me!" - MayraMM, Mayra Marie Martinez from Eugene, Oregon to Leesa Weist.
Keenan Vanginkel's work hours.
Mayra Martinez recently was interviewed along with Tricia Griffith about Toni Ingram by a guy named Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale. Mike, who is a friend of both Tricia's and Mayra's begged the Ingrams and their supporters for an interview. When they figured out his agenda and knew his connection between Tricia and Mayra and him (they are friends, Mayra contributes to his blog every now and then and Tricia goes on his craptastic radio show), everyone blocked him. He's desperate for ratings.
No one of merit would ever interview these two pigs because neither know anything about this case. They are both known scammers and liars. I'm surprised Tricia's doing interviews since she's being sued. Want to throw out there too, the reason why the alleged other women that Mayra named didn't appear on there is because they are all her. We couldn't even listen to the entire podcast because Mayra's voice annoyed us. I think most of us threw up in our mouths.
Btw, Mayra the Ingrams and their supports never sent you death threats. You sent them death threats and we all have them saved. You have threatened Toni and Steve many times and it is unacceptable. You are such a liar and we have proven it so far and for those that find you the "victim" now like you claim, it will be proven soon enough. At 52 years old, you are way too old to play the damsel in distress. #MunchausenMayra
Speaking of frauds though, lets look at Mayra Marie Martinez from Eugene, Oregon. Notice the use "M" signature. You can't hide the truth.

Look at her signature. Very similar to Mayra Marie Martinez's signature. Same person? Or a simple coincidence?
Marcie Wogan contacting the Ingrams. Proof that Toni Ingram nor Steve Ingram
contacted her. She contacted them and because they ignored her advances and recognized she was unhinged, they never responded. Hence why psycho is going around the internet lying. Another part of the scheme by Keenan Vanginkel's dirty family.

This leads us to one of Mayra's alters - Marcie Wogan. Is Mayra good friends with the real Marcie? Does Mayra Martinez and Tricia Griffith both know Marcie Lynn Sweren-Wogan? Is the money Marcie gives to charities is really money Tricia Griffith allegedly stole from Websleuths? The real Marcie Wogan aka Marcie Sweren denies any involvement in creating fake websites to bully, harass, and intimidate others while potraying themselves as a psychotic maladroit. She also insists that it is someone out to get her. Mayra Martinez or Tricia Griffith perhaps?

More harassment from Team Keenan against people who support
Toni and Steve Ingram.

At least the real woman that works for Jerry F. Barnes. There is no woman named Marcie S. Wogan that took the bar for the state of Maryland.
Just look here ----> you can search who has taken the bar for the state of Maryland and Marcie Wogan has NEVER taken the bar for the state. She is not an attorney, she is an attorney assistant (very different) and even though she works answering phones the Marcie Wogan potrayed online is not the real Marcie Wogan. Details ----> #Fraud
We can't understand how anyone can say these are the same people...

The next time you create a fake account, at least use pictures that look-a-like. More convincing to smart people. The above looks like slightly thinner but, uglier in the faced version of porkulus fugulus atomic bomb grenado Tricia Griffith with a black wig and the bottom looks like Morticia Adams with dickskin colored bags under her eyes. The third looks like a woman in her 50s trying to be goth. Lol @ that gastly wig. Hoohah! They are all clearly 3 different people. Also, we can't stop laughing at their jealousy of Sarah Afshar and Amy Davunt. Saying they do inappropriate things together on a webcam yet we cannot find a single nude picture of either online yet found many of Marcie Wogan and Mayra Martinez.

Example of the ignorance towards Toni and Steve Ingram's supporters.

60 year old stalker Marcie is obsessed with Chelsea Hoffman because Chelsea is under 30, fresh, and hip, something Marcie is not. Marcie has jowls, a roadmap face, and the personality of an infamous bar hag. Plus Chelsea doesn't write like a drug addict and actually can back up everything she says. Marcie can't back up anything and resorts to lying fueled by her ongoing dementia and narcissism. A big reason why her husband divorced her. Everything about her is scandal because she creates it from her mind. That is why she has no real friends.

Marcie is also lying about her ex husband John Wogan and blaming him because she messed up her own life. She's accusing him of stealing, cheating, and even resorted to saying he gave her diseases. All lies created by Marcie because John divorced her in October of 2012 and left her for a younger and way hotter woman. Usually we feel sorry for women like this but, not Marcie. We actually commend him for getting away from this fugly crazed hag. In fact, her own son JB doesn't even talk to her. Neither want nothing to do with her. Marcie's (or Mayra) begged strangers on the internet to impersonate doctors and even to get her anti-psychotic and insomnia drugs.

MayraMM holding a gun

Stalker Marcie has also lied about Mike Patterson because he banned her from MyDeathSpace for spreading lies. She's resorted to lying about him and his fiancé. Even created accounts to slander others who are members of the popular website. Marcie solicits members for sex and offers erotic massages if they donate to her Wepay.

Lauren Braden aka GardenGnome62, a mentally ill woman recruited by MayraMM to slander the Ingrams.

Marcie's offering one of Toni's family members, who was a witness to it all money for information about the Ingrams. She's offered Leesa Weist thousands of dollars. Money she doesn't even have, hence why she asked Deric Lostutter for a full refund recently after allegedly donating money to him. Leesa only spoke with Mayra and told us that she never spoke directly with Marcie. This is a criminal violation. Witness tampering?

Weist also went on to let us know that when she was given Wogan's number, she never called it. Stating "These women are liars and trying to turn me against my family. I don't want involved in this."

We did this person a favor by sending Jerry Barnes a link to all of the hate blogs the fake Marcie created. Jerry F. Barnes told us that he would never have this type of  person work for him and Marcie is a crazy frazy. We already know and the information is being sent to the proper people.

Report 1980s "begging to be relevant" wrinkly Wogan and send her pictures to:

Office of State's Attorney
P. O. Box 606
Courthouse Annex, Suite 100
55 North Court St., Westminster, MD 21158 - 0606
(410) 386-2671; 1-888-302-8925 (toll free)
fax: (410) 876-9286

Marcie Wogan recently tweeted that she had breast cancer and is dying for money and sympathy from the public. Also, she is telling people that Toni Ingram and her supporters are impersonating her. We find it funny considering and to anyone who is sane and not unhinged, we see a woman who is screwed up six days to Sunday. Recently the attention seeking old hag said she had a reading with Theresa Caputo and that Theresa Caputo told her this #OpFunKill

We contacted Theresa Caputo and she was the one who gave us the evidence on the roof. Lol. She told us that Morgan Ingram was murdered by Keenan Vanginkel and even described how he got into the house. Marcie Wogan's ex husband isn't even defending her, let alone her son because they too know she's a liar. John told us Marcie has serious mental issues and he can provide us with proof if we need it.

Marcie Wogan back in the 70s. Even then she was quite homely.
Even after plastic surgery done to fix the crows feet, she looks like death.

Were these accounts created by Keenan Vanginkel's mother Jennifer Johnson (DuPont) or is this Mayra Martinez from Eugene, Oregon? Mayra knows. According to several psychics, the person lying about the Ingrams and her supporters is in her 50s with black hair that looks Hispanic or Native American and has several tattoos. Who could that be? Mayra Martinez?

J.B. Wogan

JB Wogan from Politifacts and Governing Magazine is a target as they have used him in the agenda. Spreading around that he's an alleged sex offender to discredit him as a writer because he said he confronted the woman who is posing as his mother. He claims he doesn't even know them and that the Marcie Wogan on Twitter is not his mother, hence why he's not following her.

We noticed that both Mayra Martinez (owner of Raven Recovery and and Marcie Wogan followed him and then unfollowed him the moment we posted that the real Marcie was being impersonated. Poor guy.

A friend of JB's (who wants to remain anonymous) said that Mayra has been stalking JB for quite a while on Facebook. "JB's made it known for quite sometime he doesn't want involved in anything like this. He is trying to establish himself as a writer and these psychos keep contacting him. Very weird." We also heard from another friend that J.B. is trying to put Marcie into a nursing home.

Paranoid schizophrenic Michael Odegard from Portland, Oregon who spends 3 days a week at mental health battling manic depression and homicidal thoughts and even tried to kill his former roommate Russell Jorgensen is their source. We saw the pictures of the wall, where Odegard painted death threats of the place where he and Jorgensen were living at the time and were in shock. He has an MO and record in Vancouver, Washington which is why law enforcement told us that his reports are invalid.

Odegard is rumored to be stalking and harassing two of Morgan Ingram's primary victim's rights advocates, Sarah Afshar and Joseph Valo, as he has called them both various times from the Portland State Mental Hospital. Odegard is also rumored to be obsessed with Sarah Afshar's mother hence why he is obsessed with Sarah Afshar. We asked Sarah about this man and Sarah has no idea who he is.

It has been confirmed by Portland Police that Odegard sent death threats to the Dick Cheney when George W. Bush was in office in the early to mid 2000s. We have screenshots and a ton of evidence of this, along with witness testimony too. He is an alcoholic and he is mentally challenged (his records prove thus so), so we refuse to get involved and will tread lightly.

We know Mayra recruits people into the campaign to bully and harass people who want the case reopened. Perhaps it is Keri Ann, the pseudo psychologist with the mechanical dead eyes that has been caught responding on the Marcie Wogan account when someone questioned her on Twitter recently. Mayra knows Kerriann from DanceStep/Dubstep (whatever it is), where MayraM is an active moderator. You can't lie to us "stay-at-home" mom. You have Welfare fraud written all over your face. She and her Callie account remind me of Jerry Springer trash as they communicate with each other calling other women who look better than them fat. Giggity!
Of course, operation exploding face boss hoggette Tricia Griffith from Websleuths is involved in the smear as she has made it known several times. She's also banned people for sticking up for Toni on Websleuths. She's attacked Toni multiple times and even made nasty remarks about Toni's appearance. We think it's funny considering Tricia is revolting and looks like she ate Toni Ingram. We think she's angry because she looks like Chris Farley with a wig.
Look at this letter Tricia Griffith wrote to Lisa Black... (source Justice Quest)
Dear Lisa,

Everyone at Websleuths knows you are posting on JQ. I can only reley on what others tell me about the people who want to post on forums other than Websleuths anbd I do have people who watch and report back to me. I have some hard and fast rules and TOS about this. You are not going to use my forum for free and then take my information to your little asshole friends.

Now about your compliant about Windchime. I suggest you ask a poster named Amraan who is now an administrator at this forum you use as you now already. You and your little friends are in for a good wake up call when I am done.

Amraan kept telling me to let this person be a moderator. I finally relented based on her positive recommendation and let this person become a moderator at Websleuths. Had it not been for Amraan I would not have let Windchime volunteer. Amraan needs to tell you why she so highly recommended this person to me. I had no reason at the time to doubt her word. Later I fond out about Winchime record but it was old news anyway so I was not too concerned.

Within an hour of finding out about this person's arrest record she was removed banned and I told everyone on Websleuths about this situation.

You tell me you sniveling sob sister . . . What else could I have done to make you little punks happy? I'm all ears. I own WS and I makde the rules. You don't pay my bills. I am in debt to keep WS going.
I can assure you this can happen to anyone who has to rely on the help of others to run a forum.

Your attempt to smear me is what is sickening and I am going to get my lawyer on you. Then we'll find out all about your past and see how you like that. I know who you are. I know your real name and I will be watching your activities. You are clue-less as to what we do at Websleuths.

The only reason this shit is "all over the net" is because of people like you who can't get over the fact that you were banned for violating our TOS.

Websleuths helps so many people, families and others who are victims of crime or have missing loved ones. The positive at Websleuths so much outweighs any negative but you are too mean, stupid and likely into sex with your brothers to see this.

I am struggling every day to try and keep the forum open to help those who need it. I won't be dragged down by dirty filthy pussy's like you. I bet you smell. I bet your kids have fleas.

Tell your buddy Shannon and Princess I said hello.

I am thousands of dollars in debt trying to keep Websleuths running. I am very hily respected and you might know I have been interviewed extensivly. What have you done? Besides spent a lot of time on your kneess.

With over 15 thousand members and over 1 million posts we are stronger than ever. Despite efforts of uniformed and rude, filthy people like you.

Do not ever contact me again. I an going to sue you. I will file a complaint of harassment with your ISP and get you kicked off the itnernet for ever. You are banned. Don't you dare come back to my forum or you will find yourself with LE at your door as I have many connections there who will act on my say.

Tricia Griffith
6300 N Sage Wood Drive
Suite H # 214
Park City UT 84098
Here is Tricia in the mid 90s.
Tricia Griffith in the mid 90s. Over 15 years ago.
Here is Tricia 7 years ago and rumor has it she's 5-7 times as big as this now. We still believe that is Chris Farley in a wig. No one can tell us otherwise. Gastric bypass or not, she's still a big woman and now if only her words and opinion held that much weight. The truth about Tricia Griffith can be backed up by the wonderful people of Justice Quest who can tell you all about this cunning and calculating broad and the type of agendas she has.
Not only did Tricia recruit a registered sex offender as an administrator to Websleuths, she has a drunk driver who actually killed her passenger as her moderator, and a woman who neglected her animals and killed them as a moderator. If Tricia is such a good person, why would she have a sex offender as an administrator, knowing this woman's record? She uses her alleged brain injury as an excuse to get away with lies, harassment, and slander. She thinks she is an important person. We do think it's true but, only if it means winning a hotdog eating contest. Other than that she is human garbage.
Tricia Griffith today. Chris Farley?
Polly use to harass poor John Paulus and insisted pop star Clay Aiken was not gay. When Clay Aiken came out as "gay" her harassment towards John stopped. She spread horrible rumors that John Paulus was a whore, was being paid to smear Clay, that gays are horrible people, etc. We often wonder if Polly1 is really Tricia Griffith because she is/was a claymate and we remember when the group of ladies had plans to sue Clay for marketing himself off as straight and it was mentioned to Larry King who questioned Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell. Did Tricia create the fake lawsuit to draw traffic to Websleuths? These homophobic broads just get more pathetic by the day. Lol @ Tricia's triple chin. Blaming school shootings on guns is like blaming steak for Tricia Griffith's triple chin. You can't take away our 2nd amendment rights. Woof!
UPDATE: Patricia Griffith is getting sued by no other than her own co-owner Sue of Websleuths for embezzling money. No surprise since Tricia has displayed over the years how attacking the victim is key to any case while praising the murderer is supreme. I wonder what she has to say for her actions. We think she should pay up. Nothing more sickening than a hypocritical thief. We don't feel sorry for Tricia at all.
Andrea from Dancestep and Websleuths has actually banned people on the Clay Aiken forum before Clay came out as gay and if anyone actually said that Clay was gay or even said they would still be his fan, she banned them. Then she masked out the word "gay" to look like "$##". Really pathetic! We aren't gay Kruger but, we would never be that ignorant to those that are. Sick women! For more examples of their antics we recommend the Clay Aiken Fraud Squad which possesses real commentary and experiences from people who know these women personally and what they do to others when they don't get their way. It's sad to say but, even Clay Aiken's probably seen more dicks than you.
Andrea says no gay allowed.
Emily Cochran was heard by several people saying "Morgan lied for attention". This coming from a woman that lives off government money and gets off more on food stamps than her closet case husband. With the size of those arms (and look at the photoshopping use on the left arm), we think she needs to tryout for football next season. Always a bridesmaid!
This is what fat looks like when it's been stuffed in a trash bag of TPT mess. We can't understand why she would attack Toni Ingram's looks considering she looks like she could play defensive tackle. Hite! Always a bridesmaid!
Gabrielle Shamis is another one who is obsessed with slandering the Ingrams. This insecure wench had the nerve to attack Morgan Ingram's appearance. With the size of that nose, she has no room to talk about anyone's looks.
DeeDee Watkins is allegedly a part of the smear. She use to harass the Ingrams day and night with her deep man voice, calling them in the middle of the night trying to say she knew who the killer was. Sources say she is a good friend of JJ's and will do whatever she can to protect Killer K. You would think she wouldn't considering the huge huge record he has (and what is posted is not even half of it). Every time we hear the song "Woman like a man" we just start thinking of DeeDee. We think she knows he did it which we believe she's in on the scam. We don't care if you are a former sheriff. We have every right to an opinion.
Donna Becco Nystrom looks like someone out of a horror movie. Could she be the one who helped Mayra Martinez break HIPPA laws by getting into Morgan Ingram's old ER records? She is another one who believes Morgan "lied" for attention. Funny how Morgan "identified" Keenan has her stalker and filled out a report. We're also told that Nystrom is the one who helped Mayra Marie Martinez of Eugene, get Morgan's past ER records (which do not state Morgan Ingram ever had porphyria).
Questions we have about the Morgan Ingram case..
-Why NO rape kit on a stalking victim? (No sign of sexual trauma doesn't mean "we did a rape kit")
-Why NO question of the missing fingernails, the unidentified marks on her face, the blood in her mouth?
-Why after reporting the stalking case many times (and Morgan identifying the stalker as Keenan), the cops did nothing? When someone is being stalked, you stay at their house and wait for the stalker. Why did they leave?
-Why did the pathologist say the cause of death was natural and then change it to suicide?
-Why is there documentation of the pathologist being incorrect in the recent years? (He use to be good but, now there is evidence of him messing up many many times)
-Why is there documentation that the sheriff Lou has been in trouble many times? (Lots of evidence publically that we have to support this fact)
-Why did the amitriptyline levels change from "insignificant" to "significant"? (Need I refer you to Malice Green who suffered trauma and the pathologist came up with this exact thing, only to be wrong considering he was beat to death)
-Why was the cause of death pyphoria but, the type of pyphoria wasn't listed? (There are many types)
-Why were the amitriptyline levels so high that even if Morgan would have taken the whole bottle, there still wouldn't be that much in her? (Do the math)
-Why no mention of the pathologist's retirement? (Dr. Kurtzman's attempt to avoid court and also being sued, easy for him to paint a victim's death as "natural" and change it to "suicide" considering he never knew the possibilities of having such a high amitriptyline dose in her system)
-What happened to her pajamas?
-What happened to her jewelry?
-Why was the panic button ripped off?
-Why did none of the cops/sheriff question or interview any of Morgan's friends?
-Why did Keenan's uncle get interviewed, yet he was seen by 2 other employees walking out of the grocery store?
-Why did they not interview the cash for gold place that claimed Keenan as a customer?

-Why did a friend of Keenan's say Keenan was in Texas and then the next day he was in Carbondale talking to police? (Obviously the alibi was staged)
-Why did the cops overlook Keenan's criminal past history and record? (He's been in trouble for more than just getting busted with pot)
-Why did Keenan NOT take a lie detector test? (Offering to take one is one thing but, not taking one is another)
-Why did the cops never question the evidence on the cameras? In certain footage (even public footage) you see Keenan's face and facial profile. It is clearly him.
-Why were the psychics that helped with this case not questioned? Especially when they can direct law enforcement into the right direction evidence wise?
-Hey Keenan, why did you and R/J do that to Rosa several years ago? You know exactly what you did. Butterfly tattoo?
-Why did Keenan NOT attend the Dr. Phil show? If you are being guilty of murder, wouldn't you want to go on there to prove your innocence?
Cover up? The sheriff Lou has been in trouble 7 times alone (and we are still finding more things out) and the pathologist Kurtzman has been wrong many times these past few years. The sheriff says he is not going to ever open this case which means, in time we will expose this parasite little by little. Like how he allowed an officer to rape female jailmates and then never fired him, saying if he went to rehab he would make sure no one would ever find out. Dr. Kurtzman we know about your retirement and we know about your drinking. The truth is coming! We're never going to stop either!
The pictures that were taken by individuals involved in the investigation reveal that Morgan Ingram was in fact murdered. Strangle marks, bloody/swollen lip, needle marks, and more! #Murder
No matter how much time and effort you put into deflecting others into thinking Keenan is innocent, need we remind you that the truth is going to come out and there is nothing that will stop it from doing so. Keep it coming because it's only gonna get better from here.
The only people who would defend this murdering pig are criminals. Racist criminals. We know this because we have had people help us. It gets better. Tick tock, tick tock. We're never going to stop!
Unlike bad writer Pat Brown and even worse writer Mayra Martinez, we had a real criminal profiler weigh in...
"In small towns they cover up these types of murders, especially if they are uncommon and costly to investigate. I believe based on the drug levels alone that she was murdered. I have been a criminal profiler for years and have seen many of these cases where the suspect commits murder and the victim is painted as an addict due to the pathologist discrepancy and baby booming bullies related to the suspect attempt to slander the victim, who know nothing about the victim at all. I believe the pathologist may actually know it was homicide but, due to his retirement he wanted no parts of a court case or any risk of being sued. It's also possible that the pathologist freaked out at such a high level in the blood. All court is costly and they want to avoid it especially in these small towns. His refusal to accept Dr. Michael Dobersen's opinion tells me that he is hiding something."
Another criminal profiler weighs in...
"I was able to see the autopsy photos and I cringed in disgust. You could see marks on her hands where he injected her with a needle and also marks on her neck where he strangled her. Strangulation cause Porphyria. No one takes Amitriptyline for Porphyria. 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in the blood alone screams murder. The pathologist on this case Dr. Robert Kurtzman is definitely wrong and his refusal to accept Dr Michael Dobersen's second opinion tells me that he freaked out about the high levels in the blood and feared getting sued. Former sheriff Dee Dee Watkins trying to get the Ingrams to believe the stalker was a short and fat guy that didn't match the suspect or perp in the video that I was shown. I was able to see the video and it is clearly Keenan Vanginkel in the footage. He looks at the camera and then looks off to the side. The desperate attempt to victim blame is also another problem. Attacking the victim while praising the murderer is common these days, especially when it comes to murder in small towns. I believe the case was so poorly investigated."
And we agree!
The amount of Amitriptyline in Morgan Ingram's blood was 7,909 ng. Of that 7,909 ng, 900-1000 ng is lethal. 900 ng would have been enough to kill Morgan Ingram. This is in the blood alone folks. Even if Morgan would have digested the entire pill bottle, how would you explain the thousands (yes, thousands) of the drug in her blood? The only way to get that dose is through equine amitriptyline which was available at a ranch nearby.
The toxicology reports show that the dosage was a 1 time (yes, you heard it right folks 1 time) of Amitriptyline. If Morgan took Amitriptyline frequently like the police reports say, it would show up in the reports that she was a recreational use post nora. The only time it was in her system was that night. The amount in her gastric fluids is not what killed her. It was the 7,909 ng in her blood.
Christina Harris (Brooke's mother) was fired from the ranch. No one believes anything on the internet unless they look into it and investigate it. Why was she fired? Could this have anything to do with owners and staff members discovering the horse amitriptyline missing? This after Harris more than likely defended Keenan Vanginkel.
Keenan's alibi said Keenan had no criminal history and even dubbed him as a "boy scout" and role model yet his criminal record is bigger than most people for just being 20-21 years old. The night of the murder he claimed to be elsewhere when he was working. We got ahold of his work record and even know when he walked out of the store that night. (So many inconsistencies)
Morgan Ingram identified him as the stalker. She put her life at risk filling out a report and saying it was him. Funny how the sheriff never interviewed her friends and yet they would all tell you that she told them it was Keenan who was stalking her. It was Keenan who followed her home at night. It was Keenan who watched her at night.
When Keenan was being interrogated, he continued denying ever being near the Ingrams property, yet he finally said "Well, I may have checked out a nice car." A lie is a lie and he lied. The Ingram's had a Land Rover. We can understand if it were a Ferrari but, a Land Rover. Plus, there are shots of him on camera that have yet to be released by the Ingrams showing his face looking at the camera.
Morgan's final cause of death was of acute Porphyria. But, when is Amitriptyline prescribed to someone with Porphyria. What do you think Dr. Kurtzman? Zzzzt Times up.
Dr. Robert Kurtzman, why did you refuse Dr. Dobersen's opinion again?
The below is a video of Morgan Ingram asking her wonderful mother Toni Ingram to repeat herself. Morgan was never suicidal and even hated pills. She never took her own life.

"I knew Morgan more than anyone on this earth aside from the two people who brought her into it and I can honestly say that she did not take her own life" - Rainer Jundt

Toni Ingram's second interview with Sarah Afshar. Check it out here.

Listen to the podcast by one of the Morgan Ingram's victims rights advocates, Joseph Valo III here. "I believe she was murdered!"

Joe Valo interviews Rainer Jundt. Check out the interview here.
Toni Ingram has many supporters and we all believe in her because we know Morgan Ingram was murdered and we know who took her life. We are never going to stop until justice is served. We have that right. Leave everyone who wants the case reopened alone! Stop bullying people. Stop spreading lies. Leave everyone alone who wants justice for Morgan!
 LEAVE...Morgan Ingram, Steve Ingram, Toni Ingram, Ada Ingram, Albert Ingram, Ryan Ingram, Leesa Weist, Travis Hasty, Destiny Chambers, Kellsie Stewart, Laura Saylor, Lorraine Morrison, Taylor Calhoon, Sarah Afshar, Ron Afshar, Setareh Afshar, Pouya Afshar, Yasmeen Afshar, Mohammed Afshar, Neda Afshar, Kamy Afshar, Leila Pahlavi Afshar, Mahnaz Afshar, Rainer Jundt, Nicole Cowan, Katie Issacson, Cassie Simmons, Leticia Cheatham, Nathan Ulrich-DiFiore, Camille Ingram, Sylvia Browne, Erfan Naderi, Firaz Naderi, Robert Moore, Ladd Forde, Kenny Dardynski, Doug Olson, Mark Mann, Brian Mann, Krystal Mann, Heather Mann, Jacob Mann, Carla Vergara, Yong Vergara, Cho Vergara, Billy Hooshmandi, Firaz Hooshmandi, Daniel Garces, Hailey Armstrong, Chyna Tuttle, Marianne Flaugher, Blake Lockard, Debbie Weimer, Anika Jade, Kenzie Goettle, Ally Rose Warren, Hamed Haddadi, Jennifer M. 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All support the case being reopened. All want a proper investigation to take place. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR MORGAN INGRAM! Any army of angels, an army of many! We're not biting our tongue. We are going to use our freedom of speech to put a criminal behind bars.
When the case is reopened, we will make this blog private. Until then, it stays. This blog is protected by the 1st amendment of the constitution of the United States of America and exposes the truth and nothing but the truth. Everything posted is public record and protected under CC's law.